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Client Stories: Megan

Megan came to DESC after her roommate, who split rent with her, moved out unexpectedly. She was in a car accident that led to neck and back problems and left her unable to pay for her car’s repairs. Megan found herself in the hospital with pneumonia and was diagnosed with spinal cancer. She had to […]

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Client Stories: Harry

Harry is a Vietnam War veteran who was disabled from a service-related injury. When he met with a Veteran Affairs social worker, they said they would help with his JEA bill. Somehow, the paperwork was mixed up and his power was disconnected. Harry’s supplemental security income was also denied. The increased stress has made his […]

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Client Stories: Camilla

Camilla came to DESC after a mix-up with her supplemental security income put her behind in paying rent. She would pay the rent a little at a time, and even had to use her security deposit. Every time the landlord asks her for rent, Camilla said she feels terrible. Because of DESC, she’s caught up […]

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Client Stories: Danny

At 63, Danny lives alone and plays the piano for his church. Because his supplemental security income was denied, he had to move to a smaller apartment. His old home leaked around the windows and was never warm enough. Danny took care of his elderly parents both physically and financially until they passed away. In […]

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